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[News] Free Software Plants a Flag in Korea

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OSI signs an MOU with the Korea Software Copyright Committee

,----[ Quote ]
| I think the conference was a great success. The talks were of high value and 
| we got good questions. The audience was quite mixed, ranging from managers to 
| developers. Even though they had simultaneous translation of the talks, the 
| majority of the people listened in English... this gives me hope that some of 
| these folks will end up becoming involved in the international open source 
| community.      



Korea Fair Trade Commission rules against Intel

,----[ Quote ]
| Samsung was one of the firms named in the suit as having been bullied into
| choosing Intel CPUs over AMD's back in 2002. Apparently, Intel "continuously
| requested" Samsung stop buying from its competitors, and when the
| word "please" didn't work, Intel decided to get abusive, significantly
| reducing its volume of rebates to the electronics giant in the first and
| second quarter of 2002. Chipzilla then asked again. With a
| little ‘aggressive' tone on the "please" no doubt.
| Come May 2002, Intel purportedly realised it needed to take things to another
| level, implementing a "long term support plan" offering sweeteners like
| maximum-level rebates on the condition, of course, Samsung spent its cash
| buying blue.
| The AAI document reckons Intel put an $800 million rebate proposal on the
| table in exchange for Samsung dumping AMD CPUs. No prizes for guessing
| whether or not Samsung took the bait. After all, it would be bad business not
| to, right? To hell with the moral high-ground.


[A2k] Korea, Three Strikes Out Provision Passed in the Standing Committee with
Some Changes

,----[ Quote ]
| On March 3, 2009, the National Assembly's Committee on Culture, Sports,
| Tourism, Broadcasting & Communications (CCSTB&C) passed  a bill to revise the
| Copyright Law. The bill includes the so called, "three strikes out"
| or "graduated response" provision. The basic structure of the three strikes
| out  provision is the same as that of the bill proposed by the Ministry of
| Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) in July, 2008


More Civil Liberties Concerns Over Jailed Korean Blogger

,----[ Quote ]
| We've covered the story of the South Korean blogger who went by the name
| Minerva, and who was arrested for "spreading false rumors." The whole episode
| seemed troubling to us. It seemed as though the blogger was just posting his
| thoughts online, and the government didn't like what he was saying.


Korea’s HaanSoft to promote Asianux in RP

,----[ Quote ]
| Asianux, a version of the Linux operating system, was developed by China's
| Red Flag Software and has since been locally deployed and distributed by
| Japan's Miracle Linux and HaanSoft, forming a regional open-source
| consortium.

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