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[News] Yet Another Sub-notebooks Runs Ubuntu/gOS (GNU/Linux)

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OCZ Neutrino "DIY" Netbook Reviewed

,----[ Quote ]
| The Neutrino might not be a hands-on DIY kit, but after the dust settles how 
| is it as an actual netbook? How about cost? Do you save money by selecting a 
| Neutrino and a few components over purchasing a fully assembled netbook?   


Runs Ubuntu Linux nicely.


Netbooks Poised to Be the New OS Battleground?

,----[ Quote ]
| In 2009, it won’t be the “year of the desktop” for any operating system–
| instead, the coveted trophy seems to be “year of the netbook.”
| Linux, thus far, has been a serious contender in the mobile Internet device
| (MID) category–small- to mid-size devices with more oomph than a smartphone
| but less power than an notebook or laptop. Typically these devices, which
| Intel has coined netbooks, share the common feature of being pre-installed
| with a basic toolset to surf the net and get some work done: browser, media
| viewers, word processors, spreadsheets, e-mail client. They also usually have
| solid-state on-board sotrage capacity, like super-agile internal Flash
| drives.


is there a long-term future for the netbook?

,----[ Quote ]
| The retail impact of Linux in the netbook market has been huge, with many
| retailers reporting that Linux based netbooks were taking up 40% or more of
| their notebook class shipments.


Linux Carried Along on Netbooks Wave

,----[ Quote ]
| Morvay revealed to Linux Magazine Online that there were no specific figures
| for Linux netbook sales, but that it lay somewhere in the 40th percentile.
| Even though this figure seems a little high, it is known that many of the
| world's netbooks have Linux on board since their first inception 18 months
| ago.
| For example, notebooks with Linux make up about 5.5% of the notebook market
| in Germany...

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