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[News] Linux Routers Spreading All Over the Place

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WiFi sharing service gains new Linux routers

,----[ Quote ]
| Fon, which claims to offer the world's largest WiFi sharing community, has 
| updated its Linux-based Fonera WiFi router with updated firmware and a new 
| USB port. Like the earlier Fonera routers, the Fonera 2.0 offers both private 
| and shareable WiFi signals, says the company.   



Fonera 2.0 powered by Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The upcoming Fonera 2.0 802.11g wireless router from FON uses Linux as its
| embedded OS and includes several new features. The Fonera 2.0 allows FON
| community members, refered to as Foneros, to share their internet connection,
| in effect providing a 'public' hot-spot, in return for reciprocal free
| roaming Wi-Fi access from other Foneros. FON even provide an opportunity to
| make money because non-members can buy Wi-Fi access by purchasing a FON
| Access Pass. Whenever this happens FON credit the owner of the hot-spot with
| 50 per cent of the revenue (via PayPal). FON is supported by BT and the new
| BT Home Hub wireless routers, are also FON capable. In addition BT FON
| members have access to BT Openzone Hotspots.



FON is Dropping Microsoft, Adopting Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| As of today Fon will disengage from Microsoft and adopt Linux in the
| Ubuntu form as our operating system of choice.


Adios Microsoft!

,----[ Quote ]
| Ubuntu imported most of my pictures, music, and documents from Windows.
| There were some oddly named folders it missed. This was not problem as
| I was able to easily retrieve them when the setup was complete. I
| haven't reinstalled everything I normally use but all the major
| applications "just worked" after upgrading. I know this sounds
| like an advertisement for Ubuntu, I guess it is. I'll continue
| using it and report back on my progress.



,----[ Quote ]
| It had a pirated copy of XP Professional on it so I formatted the
| drive. Then I thought I'd give Ubuntu another try. Well I loaded it
| up and quite honestly I still don't see what all the fuss is about it.
| So I installed PCLinuxOS which runs quite well. But I was poking around a
| few sites and downloaded SUSE 10.2 and installed that instead. Wow! What
| a difference and I have to say so far this is the best version of Linux
| that I've used yet though PCLinuxOS is close behind.


Steal This Wi-Fi

,----[ Quote ]
| A company called Fon has an interesting approach to this problem. Fon
| wireless access points have two wireless networks: a secure one for you, and
| an open one for everyone else. You can configure your open network in
| either "Bill" or "Linus" mode: In the former, people pay you to use your
| network, and you have to pay to use any other Fon wireless network. In Linus
| mode, anyone can use your network, and you can use any other Fon wireless
| network for free. It's a really clever idea.

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