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[News] It's All About the Money: Recession Drives Firms to GNU/Linux

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Your views: Time for Linux?

,----[ Quote
| The recession is apparently driving some firms to look at Linux as a 
| cost-saving alternative to Microsoft – is it time for open source to take 
| off?  


Linux Fund is Raising Money to Improve OpenStreetMap Support in Gnash Media

,----[ Quote
| Linux Fund has expanded its partnership with Sandro Santilli of the Gnash 
| media player team to bring OpenStreetMap editing support to this open source 
| Flash® player. This work will also improve YouTube compatibility and joins 
| Linux Fund's existing effort to bring the Real Time Messaging Protocol 
| support to Gnash.     



Open source software in Brazil: too many projects to keep up with!

,----[ Quote ]
| The Brazilian free software movement is in such high gear that it is almost
| impossible to keep up on all the new developments and projects that are
| happening throughout the country. Brazil is larger in size than the
| continental United States and has a population of almost 200 million people.
| Given the strong support of free software by the Brazilian government at all
| levels (federal, state and municipal).
| For example, a new technology being used is the Digital Boards project for
| the public schools. The board is almost 6-1/2 feet wide and it’s sensitive to
| the touch of a magnetic pen that is connected to a computer running Vix
| Linux, a distribution specially customized for educational proposes by the
| City Hall of Vitória, in the state of Espírito Santo.

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