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[News] Microsoft's DNA (Mono) Needs Removing from GNU/Linux

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Mono and FAT

,----[ Quote ]
| The thing with Mono is that you know for sure that Microsoft is getting 
| patents on C#, there's no reason to believe these wouldn't apply to mono.  
| Secondly, Microsoft has a bad reputation for patent extortion, as the recent 
| case against TomTom has shown.  If Microsoft can successfully blackmail 
| someone over something like long-filename support on FAT, why wouldn't they 
| do the same for an entire framework they designed?     
| The immediate danger here is not the existence of Mono or some specific Mono 
| apps, but the possibility of an increasing number of Gnome components 
| depending on Mono and what this would mean for the Linux desktop when 
| Microsoft finally decides to sue some non-SuSE distribution or even a project 
| or a user for the use of their intellecutal property?  People implemented FAT 
| for years without any problems until TomTom got bitten, FAT with long 
| filenames was also a safe Microsoft-technology to use...       



TomTom Settlement Aftermath: Get the FAT Out - Updated

,----[ Quote ]
| Ah, yes. Mono. Once again. And OOXML. Might governmental agencies wish to
| particularly take note of OOXML in light of the TomTom settlement? I would
| think so. And .NET and Silverlight. Perhaps you can think of others.
| [...]
|  Wake up. Microsoft should be treated like Microsoft.
| It is what it is. It is what it always has been.
| Microsoft asked recently to be judged by its actions, not its words. OK. The
| TomTom settlement *is* Microsoft actions. We watched it, and we judge them by
| it.



Sun exec accuses Microsoft of 'patent terrorism'

,----[ Quote ]
| The efforts of Microsoft to pressure the Linux community over alleged and
| unspecified patents is akin to "patent terrorism", according to a local
| executive for Sun Microsystems.


Microsoft, the art of Corporate Terrorism.

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, no longer the technological leader in the Computer Desktop
| market, is taking on a terrorist role in its attempt remain in power
| at all costs. (see the link to the CNN story below)
| The tactic is intended to frighten current, and would be, free
| software users away from products that Microsoft just can't compete
| with. It's not a new tactic, but for the first time desperation is
| beginning to show.


Convicted Monopolist Terrorizes Software Industry

,----[ Quote ]
| That headline is designed to grab your attention. Sensationalistic as
| it may be, it also happens to be true, if what you mean by 'terrorize'
| is to provoke fear.
| If you've been following the presidential race in the United States,
| you know the present crop of candidates have been exploiting the fear
| of the American people as they never have before in the history of
| the country.

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