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[News] [Rival] Vista 7 as Flaky as Microsoft's Budget - Broken Beyond Repair

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Researchers show how to take control of Windows 7 

,----[ Quote ]
| "There's no fix for this. It cannot be fixed. It's a design problem," Vipin 
| Kumar said, explaining the software exploits the Windows 7 assumption that 
| the boot process is safe from attack.   



Microsoft #FAIL & news roundup

,----[ Quote ]
| Digg is reported to have ended its exclusive advertising partnership with
| Microsoft over a year before it was due to expire.  The deal, which began in
| 2007 was intended to be one for three years and one which Microsoft was (IMO)
| very proud of at the time.
| “You’ll continue to see us be aggressive in this field,” said Steve Berkowitz
| at the time.
| Well, you can be whatever you want.  Difficult to be aggressive if youre not
| wanted though isnt it?



Will Microsoft Survive the Next 10 Years?

,----[ Quote ]
| I am not really an expert in this but when I read all the negative
| headlines and articles I ask myself if Microsoft really will survive
| the next 10 years.
| [...]
| I am pretty sure that the Open Source Community, the new Ubuntu,
| Google and of course Apple are those companies that are ready for
| our century and they will get more and more people that know what
| they really want.


P. Graham: Microsoft is Dead

,----[ Quote ]
| A few days ago I suddenly realized Microsoft was dead. I was talking
| to a young startup founder about how Google was different from Yahoo.
| I said that Yahoo had been warped from the start by their fear of
| Microsoft. That was why they'd positioned themselves as a "media
| company" instead of a technology company. Then I looked at his face
| and realized he didn't understand. It was as if I'd told him how much
| girls liked Barry Manilow in the mid 80s. Barry who?
| Microsoft? He didn't say anything, but I could tell he didn't quite
| believe anyone would be frightened of them.

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