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[News] The Lesser Told Side of the Pirate Bay Court Fiasco

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Why the War Against File-Sharing is Unwinnable

,----[ Quote ]
| Here's a final, "strategic" point: every time the music industry kills an 
| underground distribution channel, a more efficient one arises in its place. 
| Goodbye mixtapes, hello www. Bye www, hello Napster. Bye Napster, hi 
| BitTorrent. Bye BitTorrent, hi anonymous, ciphered, totally decentralized p2p 
| nets.    
| Why? By limiting the supply of interaction, the music industry is only 
| ensuring that each interaction becomes more and more efficient. The endgame 
| is a distribution system where every song in the world in the world can be 
| zapped invisibly and anonymously from me to you in a nanosecond.    


Entertainment Industry Really Really Really Wants To Believe Pirate Bay Verdict
Is A Win

,----[ Quote ]
| As was easily predicted when The Pirate Bay verdict came out last Friday, the 
| entertainment industry celebrated it as a big win. Amusingly, Arts+Labs, one 
| of many, many entertainment industry lobbying groups (and run by a guy, Mike 
| McCurry, who thinks that Google doesn't pay a dime for its bandwidth), was 
| quick to praise the decision, with McCurry claiming that this is a turning 
| point and that people will now realize that file sharing is "something both 
| dangerous, criminal, and unfair." (I'll let the grammar nazis figure out 
| which two of three things he meant when he said "both").       


Why Google Is The New Pirate Bay

,----[ Quote ]
| "Google doesn't call itself 'The Pirate Google,'" Garland says. "If the 
| number of queries looking for copyrighted works is massive, that's only 
| because the number of searches on Google in general is massive."  


Copyright Battle Looms for Docs Who 'Grew Up Google'

,----[ Quote ]
| Should Medical Studies Be Posted Free for All to See and Learn From?


Pirate Bay says appeal is filed

,----[ Quote ]
| Days after four defendants in the high-profile Pirate Bay case were found 
| guilty of violating copyright law, the Web site implored fans to stay calm, 
| not to send donations, and to stay united.   


Study Finds Pirates Buy 10x More Music Online than Non-Pirates

,----[ Quote ]
| A study from the BI Norwegian School of Management has found that those who 
| download free music from services like BitTorrent are also the biggest 
| legitimate consumers of downloadable music.  


Are Pirates Driving Legal Music Sales?

,----[ Quote ]
| To anyone who knows anything about how music fans like to consume music this 
| will be no shock, but to those at the RIAA (who know nothing about music or 
| culture) hopefully this will be a wake up call.  


Pirate Party plans election raid

,----[ Quote ]
| Sweden's Pirate Party says it has had a surge in membership, giving its 
| leaders hope that anti-corporate feeling will translate into electoral  
| success. 


BT blocks off Pirate Bay

,----[ Quote ]
| BT and other mobile broadband providers are blocking access to The Pirate 
| Bay, as part of a "self-regulation" scheme.  


BT Blocking Pirate Bay; Claims It's Part Of A Voluntary Self-Regulation Code


BT Blocks Access To Pirate Bay 


BT should also block Google and YouTube then.
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