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[News] Business as Usual and Optimism at MySQL After Oracle Takeover

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Innobase release free Embedded InnoDB

,----[ Quote ]
| This includes an ISAM like API, cursor and transaction management and 
| query-able indexes. Embedded InnoDB is licensed under the GNU General Public 
| Licence Version 2.  


MySQL Conference Kicks Off, New Versions Announced

,----[ Quote ]
| This week in Silicon Valley, the MySQL Conference and Expo is underway, and 
| there are already questions appearing about whether the speakers will have to 
| perform last minute tweaks to their addresses in light of yesterday's news 
| that Oracle is acquiring MySQL's parent, Sun Microsystems.   


MySQL 5.4 Released as Oracle Looms Large

,----[ Quote ]
| New MySQL chief calls for more transparency with the community and is 
| optimistic about opportunities within Oracle.  


Oracle wins 'Acquirer of the Year' award at MySQL Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL isn't the perfect solution for all database problems -- and neither is 
| Oracle.  The reality is that MySQL and Oracle coexist in many organizations.  
| A study done by the IOUG (International Oracle User Group) highlighted this 
| fact when its study (PDF) showed that a third of Oracle shops had MySQL in 
| production, side-by-side with their Oracle databases. And one great benefit 
| of Oracle acquiring Sun is that the InnoDB and MySQL teams will be together 
| in one organization for the first time ever.      



Shuttleworth: Oracle's Sun buy validates open source

,----[ Quote ]
| He argued that the major sources in software today are either free software
| or powered by free software, Google Yahoo etc.
|     "The fact that Oracle has just announced a multi-billion dollar
|     acquisition of a company that describes itself as the world's biggest
|     Free Software and Open Source company to me is enormously instructive,"
|     Shuttleworth said. "To me it suggests that it cements the idea that open
|     source and free software are the big game in town. And everyone is trying
|     to figure out what that means and how they integrate it, what' they can't
|     do is ignore it."

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