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[News] Security and Free Software Advocated Together

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When to use open source security tools over commercial products

,----[ Quote ]
| Updates -- Given the fast-changing threat landscape that network 
| administrators have to deal with, any security technology needs constant 
| improvement to remain effective. Well-established open source tools are 
| tested and constantly refined by large, diverse and dedicated development 
| teams, something that commercial vendors may struggle to match, given that 
| they must cope with budget constraints of their own.      


Can You Cut Information Security in Hard Times and Survive?

,----[ Quote ]
| The use of open source software can also be a great place to cut security 
| costs -- especially for small and medium-size businesses, says Spire's 
| Lindstrom. They let businesses get equivalent security tools for less 
| money. "If the product is commoditized enough and your people are skilled 
| enough, it's not unreasonable at this stage of the game to consider open 
| source applications," he says.     
| For example, the ClamAV anti-virus software and Snort intrusion detection 
| system are two widely used open source anti-virus products, as is the Open 
| Source Security Information Management security event management software.  



Open Source SSL Acceleration

,----[ Quote ]
| Nginx once again has shown that it is a versatile open source project. For
| the cost of a server and a few hours work, any system administrator can
| increase the capacity of their existing server farm by building an Open
| Source SSL Accelerator. Reducing the complexity of certificate management,
| reducing the number of certificates needed and reducing the overall load per
| request on the existing server farm, this solution offers a cost-effective
| way of breathing new life into an existing server farm.


Open Source Software Institute Announces Release of Updated OpenSSL FIPS Object

,----[ Quote ]
| This most recent validated OpenSSL FIPS Object Module is based on version
| 0.9.8 of the OpenSSL cryptographic library and is freely available for
| download through the OSSI website (oss-institute.org). Updated versions of
| OpenSSL FIPS Object Module Security Policy and User Guide will be available
| for download through the OSSI website (oss-institute.org) and may be used and
| reproduced without restriction.


Barracuda Networks Breaks into SSL VPN Space for Small Business

,----[ Quote ]
| Fresh off its acquisition of BitLeap, Barracuda Networks buys open-source SSL
| VPN vendor 3SP and releases Barracuda SSL VPN based on the 3SP technology.
| Barracuda networks is currently targeting Barracuda SSL VPN at small and
| midsize businesses.

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