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[News] Focus on People of GNU/Linux Desktop Environments (KDE and GOME)

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Aaron Seigo Talks About KDE's Past and Future

,----[ Quote ]
| Seigo is aware of his celebrity (or notoriety) in the free software 
| community, but not altogether comfortable with it. "I'm not a huge believer 
| in the cult of personality," he said over a large bowl of vegetarian 
| Pho. "You look at Apple: Steve Jobs goes away because of illness and stock 
| prices go down. I don't think that's fair to the other people in Apple, who 
| put their hearts and souls and lives into it. And that's not really in the 
| spirit of KDE. But that's what you get with the cult of personality."      
| At any rate, such celebrity is often misguided. Seigo insists, for instance, 
| that his role of president is not nearly as important as many people 
| imagine. "To the outside, the role matters," he says. "But, really, it is 
| just added responsibility, with no ability to dictate or anything of that 
| nature. It's not so much an empowerment of the individual as the individual 
| serving the community and how to make sure that the community processes that 
| need to be engaged actually do get engaged."       


Hackfests, fundraising and the economy

,----[ Quote ]
| When I took this job it was agreed that part of my job, but not all of it, 
| would be fundraising. However, because of the economy I find myself thinking 
| about fundraising more often than not these days.  
| For example, take hackfests.Hackfests are events where you get all the key 
| developers for a project together in one place and they spend a few days or a 
| week discussing issues, planning future releases and writing code. As most 
| open source work happens virtually, hackfests are great opportunity to meet 
| in person and make a lot of progress on things like planning a new release or 
| a particular issue.     



Combined KDE and Gnome developers meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| Following a decision by the developers of the KDE and Gnome desktops in mid
| 2008 to co-host the Akademy and Guadec developers events on Gran Canaria in
| 2009, the organisers have now fixed the date: Guadec and Akademy will be held
| from the 3rd to the 11th of July 2009.


GNOME's Stormy Peters on the Most Important Desktop Issue

,----[ Quote ]
| The GNOME Foundation executive director, Stormy Peters, recently wrote a bit
| about why the focus on "the KDE versus GNOME" debate is not the real issue.
| Many commenters on her post agree (while others actively demonstrate) that it
| is counterproductive.

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