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[News] WD MyBook Runs BusyBox Linux

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Hack Your WD MyBook World

,----[ Quote ]
| So, if you’re like me and have voided the warranties of all the other 
| electronics in your house, but have yet to sink your teeth into your poor 
| little Western Digital MyBook World - likely cowering in the corner pleading 
| for you to put down the screwdriver - here are some helpful resources on 
| getting the most out this handy little NAS box that just so happens to be 
| running BusyBox linux.     



What CAN’T Linux do?

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The story mentioned above. A man installs Linux on sixteen Playstation 3s 
| (with zero hardware modifications), clusters them together, and creates a 
| system to simulate black holes.  
| 2. Installing Linux on a Mac. I was just reading the most recent Wired 
| magazine that has a good story on how Apple has created a very closed system 
| where only Apple software plays on Apple hardware. Hello Yellow Dog Linux! I 
| have run Linux on an iBook - it was sweet.   
| 3. Routers. We all know that Linux works well on routers. OpenWRT installs 
| well on many Linksys routers. 
| [...]
| 11. Airplane black boxes. Montavista uses a Carrier Grade Linux to power 
| in-flight recorders. 
| 12. Brain surgery. Yep. This Linux-powered robot helps in brain surgery.

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