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[News] Data Warehousing Takes Open Source Route, Hosting Company Also

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Infobright: We're the MySQL of open source data warehousing

,----[ Quote ]
| Infobright's quest began in September o2008 when the company open-sourced its 
| commercial column-oriented data warehouse. At the time it had eight customers 
| but today has more than 50, including Royal Bank of Canada and Xerox, Davis 
| added. Those customers reside largely in the telecom, mid-tier financial 
| services, and marketing firm spaces. "We're really going into the area where 
| MySQL is," Davis explained.     


Network Solutions Expands Open Source Application Offerings

,----[ Quote ]
| Network Solutions has expanded its Open Source Application offerings, it was 
| announced recently. The company has broadened its range of open source hosted 
| application offerings through the Application Packaging Standard (APS), which 
| was developed to enable companies to make applications available in the 
| software-as-a-service model quickly and simply. Network Solutions is a 
| leading global hosting provider that manages more than 7 million domains, 
| over 1.5 million e-mailboxes, and more than 350,000 websites. The APS 
| applications have been added to the Network Solutions Open Source Library to 
| enable web hosting customers to create new revenue streams by offering 
| value-added services and better engage and interact with their own customers. 
| The newly added services include blogging software WordPress, content 
| management service Joomla! and photo organizer Gallery2.           



Disruptor: The Rise of the Open Source Data Warehouse

,----[ Quote ]
| Since the arrival of data warehouses on the enterprise scene more than a
| decade ago, these platforms have held out the tantalizing promise of
| concentrating critical data into easy-to-find, centralized locations,
| enabling business people at all levels to make their decisions based on
| concrete, analytical facts, versus intuitive and uninformed decision making.


Test Center review: Open source data aces

,----[ Quote ]
| Enter Jitterbit and Talend, two fresh starts in a land of stodgy giants.
| Talend hits all the highlights one would look for in traditional integration
| platforms: batch delivery, transforms, ETL (extract, transform, and load),
| data governance, and a strong set of connectivity adapters. At the same time
| it keeps pace with important trends with such features as change data
| capture, metadata support, federated views, and SOA-based access to data
| services. Talend is capable of scaling from small departmental file
| migrations to large-scale enterprise warehousing projects.



Infobright releases open-source data warehouse

,----[ Quote ]
| Analytic data warehousing vendor Infobright is releasing an open-source data
| warehousing product under the GPL v2 license, and has gained Sun Microsystems
| as an investor through a US$10 million round of venture funding, the startup
| announced Monday.


SGI Pushes Into Data Warehousing with Linux Supers and Oracle

,----[ Quote ]
| Specifically, SGI is partnering with database maker Oracle to create data
| warehouses that run on its Linux-based Altix supercomputers. The solution
| that the two companies have come up with is called the Adaptive Data
| Warehouse, and it combines Altix servers, SGI's InfiniteStorage disk arrays,
| and the Oracle database with the Real Application Clusters (RAC) clustered
| database extensions.

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