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[News] Free Software Lifts Non-Profit for the Environment

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ONE-Northwest: online networking for the environment with open source software

,----[ Quote ]
| ONE/Northwest is a US non-profit supporting the environment and grass roots 
| organizations through the use of technology. For over a decade, ONE/Northwest 
| has helped over 800 environmental organizations fuse technology with new ways 
| of doing their work. The organization relies intensively on open source 
| software, for example, offering websites powered by the Content Management 
| System Plone in order to help environmental NGOs make the leap to the 
| Internet age.      


Build Solid Ecommerce Applications Using Open Source 

,----[ Quote ]
| To be successful and to stay competitive in the ever changing business world, 
| a business should be able to adapt modern changes that should be applied. E 
| Commerce has been proven to be an effective way to help your business to 
| achieve these goals. With proper marketing strategy and building a solid E 
| Commerce application, these can be all possible.    
| Web site plays a vital role in business. However, website should be meeting 
| the business need. There are many ways to manage your web site. From simple 
| Web log (blog) engine system that allows limited publishing content to a full 
| content management system framework to application framework, on which you 
| can build your own custom content management system.    



Government, NGOs 'turning to Linux' 

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's extremely easy - basically anyone can install Linux now."
| Organisations such as the Shuttleworth Foundation, which help provide 
| computers to underprivileged schools, use Linux instead of Windows to cut 
| costs.   


Nonprofit chooses Ubuntu for servers, OpenOffice for desktops

,----[ Quote
| Ubuntu may not be the best choice technologically, but Canonical Ltd (which
| provides support for Ubuntu) is responsive and quick to address user issues,
| both through regular channels and personal contacts, Puttick said. In fact,
| Canonical called Oxford Archaeology for user input prior to a major
| conference six months ago, and all of Oxford Archaeology's suggested
| improvements were included in the new 8.04LTS version, he said.

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