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Re: Only 3 More Days to Go!

Hadron wrote:
"flagellum" <flagellum@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

microsoft gets only 15 dollars per netbook, that's one third to one forth of what they would get from pc's or laptops.

Vista was a failure, and if windows7 doesn't have a new interface most people will perceive it as just vista second edition.

In any case, microsoft is doomed... they made the big mistake with vista, being fat and bloated, unable to work on less powerful machines (as they should have) and when the netbooks came out, they had nothing to offer but on old and outdated OS (XP).

Now everyone is really considering alternatives...

If only that were true. Vista adoption was faster than that for XP.

Bullshit, especially in the business market.

totally obliterated Linux in the netbook field,

Bullshit. Dell still sells 30% of its netbooks with Ubunut.

and Windows 7 beta is
receiving rave reviews .

Only from you, Frank and Spanky.

So basically your post was a total crock of
shit or the rantings of someone delusional.

Projecting will get you nowhere.


"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:1376215.ym8nAhaNZN@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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To make it more interesting, Microsoft will report disappointing results on

Microsoft Expected To Post Sharp Drop In 3Q Profit Thu


- From Microsoft's last quarter:

"Microsoft, like much of the IT industry, was caught off-guard by the rapid rise of the netbook category, but moved quickly to offer a netbook-specific version of XP Home to stem the tide of Linux on netbooks. When one considers that getting some revenue is better than getting none, that was a wise move."


"Client software felt the slump in PC sales, and was further harmed by the
shift to netbooks; many of these run Linux, which helps Microsoft not at all."

                               --Ars Technica


"Search engines be da**ed, it's the OS that generates money - if the world
switches to linux, it will switch to OpenOffice too."

--Motley Fool (heavily Microsoft influenced)


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