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[News] Microsoft Gets Hit by the Anti-Linux Poison it Lobbies for

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Microsoft's IP Losses Don't Always Stick

,----[ Quote ]
| The software company set the record when a San Diego jury ordered it to pay 
| $1.53 billion for infringing on Alcatel-Lucent's patents for MP3 digital 
| audio technology. It was hit for $512 million in another case with 
| Alcatel-Lucent. And Eolas Technologies Inc. won a $521 million verdict 
| against it.    
| But appeals courts have been kinder than juries to the software company. The 
| $1.53 billion award was tossed last year . Microsoft appealed the $521 
| million verdict and ultimately settled with Eolas for $30.4 million in 2007. 
| The $512 million award is currently on appeal. Fish & Richardson has 
| represented Microsoft against Alcatel-Lucent in both cases, at trial and on 
| appeal.     
| "Microsoft has certainly seen some large verdicts against it in the last few 
| years," observed Stephen Akerley, a patent litigator with O'Melveny & Myers 
| who wasn't involved with this week's case. "However, there are always 
| appealable issues in these cases. And if you look back, Eolas ultimately 
| settled, Alcatel-Lucent is still going on — it's impossible to tell where 
| this case will end up."      


Recent (joke):

FFII and EPO announce "Binaries-As-Prior-Art"

,----[ Quote ]
| After years of confidential work, the European Patent Office (EPO) and the
| Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII) today announce a
| radical way to improve software patent quality: Binaries-As-Prior-Art, or
| BAPA. BAPA combines a database of billions of compiled computer programs
| ("binaries") with a powerful Cloud search engine that can find any invention
| in microseconds.

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