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[News] Mozilla Firefox Features for GNU/Linux, Weave Coming

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Mozilla Prism - Site-Specific Browser 

,----[ Quote ]
| Alongside Ubiquity, Prism seems another fine candidate for the future 
| Internet. They both blur the distinction between desktop and web. If you're 
| an old-timer, you may instinctively flinch from "Web 2.0" stuff, because you 
| don't like the bells and whistles. No need to do that with Prism. If 
| anything, Prism is spartan and glitter-free. It's a clean, lean, practical 
| utility. What more, it can add to the security and stability of your 
| browsing.       


Mozilla Weaves a New Services Backend

,----[ Quote ]
| Still, ambitions remain high. Weave represents a new model for Mozilla, where 
| users rely on Mozilla for more than just a browser interface, but for data as 
| well. In some ways, the effort can be seen as competitive with social 
| bookmarking sites like Delicious, though the overall goal for Weave is 
| intended to be broader than just bookmarks.     


Things You Didn't Know About Firefox Browser Tabs

,----[ Quote ]
| Sure, you use Firefox, but are you really making the most of it? I mean, I 
| know plenty of users who never bother to change the home page, even though 
| they always go straight to another site upon starting the browser. (Just make 
| that site your home page, people!)   
| And then there's tabs. I've found that not everyone knows everything they 
| should know about Firefox tabs. For example: 



Mozilla Weave Adds a Few Stitches

,----[ Quote ]
| There is a new release of Mozilla Weave out this week, offering the promise 
| of improved core synchronization and responsiveness. Mozilla Weave is an open 
| source  Mozilla Labs effort that debuted back in December of 2007 as an 
| attempt to make Mozilla a platform play utilizing a Mozilla online services 
| backend to store and synchronize data.    

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