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[News] Another New List of Free (Libre) Computer Games

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12 Open Source Games that Don't Suck

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source rocks. A year or two ago I had no idea what was available out 
| there for free...well, except for the torrent sites, not that I ever visited 
| any of those. ;) From entire operating systems to just about any sort of 
| application under the sun, you can find open source and/or free software. Not 
| to mention other free fun stuff (like pr0n :p). Just finding 
| www.openoffice.org was amazing for me, and 7-zip, and of course Firefox, and 
| Thunderbird.. the list goes on, and I'm not including all the fun stuff I 
| have found since I started using Linux.       



OSS Gaming: Ready for the Big Leagues?

,----[ Quote ]
| Tux is no mere drone -- he likes having fun every now and then. When it comes
| to gaming, open source tools and applications have a lot to offer developers,
| but that's not where it stops. Open source games themselves can be had for
| little or no cost, and a lot of them offer just as much baddy-blasting
| entertainment as proprietary titles.



Linux to game developers: No More Excuses

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell just showed us that the old "lack of market demand" excuse for
| Linux is falling flat. 200,000 users flooded Dell with requests
| for Linux pre-installed on their machines. That's just one
| manufacturer! Never mind the hundreds of thousands of Linux users,
| such as I, who gave up on Dell years ago.
| Previous to the Dell fiasco, I might have had my doubts about the
| commercial interests of Linux. But the last straw man has been
| beaten; from here on out, if you run a technology company and
| refuse to support Linux, it's because history's biggest and most
| oppressive monopoly is paying you not to.


Playing Classic Games Under Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Now if you still want to relive your old days and play these classics
| whether they belong to NES, SNES, or plain old DOS games Ubuntu
| provides a way of playing these classic on your Linux box.


Linux Gaming Made Easy

,----[ Quote ]
| Going Native.  With the possible exceptions of Battlefield 2 and
| perhaps World of Warcraft, I simply can't see the advantage in
| supporting games that choose not to support us. To me, the short
| answer to this is to support those gaming companies that have worked
| very hard to make sure that Linux admirers are not being left out in
| the dark.  

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