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[News] Switch to Open Source Middleware, Open Source Automation Software Debuts

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PrismTech Enables Hughes to Switch to Open Source Middleware Technology

,----[ Quote ]
| PrismTech, a provider of advanced software integration and infrastructure 
| solutions, has successfully helped Hughes Network Systems, LLC (Hughes) 
| migrate its VisionEMS Network Management solution to OpenFusion JacORB, an 
| open source CORBA implementation.   


Open Source Software for Automation and Other Industries

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Source is a way to get a broader community to help with development and 
| to share in its costs. OSADL allows those members interested in developing 
| particular Open Source software to come together in an OSADL project 
| supported by membership fees. With the agreement of a majority of members, 
| OSADL can delegate the development of Open Source software components.    



Three Reasons Linux Will Win in the Future

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. The Economy. “The economic downturn is more than just marketing hype for
| open-source and Linux as a way to cut costs,” says Zemlin.
| Right now, corporations large and small are actively consolidating IT
| infrastructures, Zemlin says, and free and open-source software is becoming
| increasingly attractive. Also, he says, a recession usually causes companies
| to re-think their age-old assumptions about their computing environments.
| They will be more likely to consider all the options when they think about
| software, server and workstation costs.
| 2. Redefinition of the Desktop. You’ve heard it so many times, it’s become a
| running joke: This is the year of the Linux desktop.

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