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Re: What about the GPL License of Linux?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ____/ Peter Köhlmann on Friday 17 April 2009 21:25 : \____
>> Phil Da Lick! wrote:
>>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>>> On 2009-04-17, Erik Jan <Erik@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>>> On: microsoft.public.windows.vista.general
>>>>> I found the following post.
>>>>> -------- Originele bericht --------
>>>>> Onderwerp: Re: Vista advantages - More to explain
>>>>> Datum: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:15:30 -0400
>>>>> Van: RingBuster <Ring@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>> Nieuwsgroepen: microsoft.public.windows.vista.general
>>>>> Referenties: <e7edVPQvJHA.528@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>> <OjqVOLavJHA.1212@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>>> <snip>
>>>>> 3) Vista is using reversed engineered Linux and FreeBSD code in the
>>>>> O/S kernel to better protect itself, such as ASLR and many other
>>>>> things to better protect the O/S.
>>>> It's about time they did something. Too bad they're trying to put
>>>> good code on top of a mound of shit.
>>>>> Why should MS reverse engineer code if the source is freely
>>>>> aavailable? And if it is general knowledge that MS uses Linux code,
>>>>> why is it that the GPL license is not urged against MS?
>>>>> Or is it not true?
>>>> If it's reverse-engineered and not the original code, I don't see a
>>>> problem with it. Using GPLed code directly wouldn't allow them to
>>>> close the source. This way they can get away with it. But they'd have
>>>> to alter a few things or it might be a problem.
>>>> I smell a GPL V4 to prevent it. That would make the move even more
>>>> controversial than going to GPL V3 was.
>>> Getting that GPL4 adopted would be difficult.
>> It would be next to impossible.
>> GPL3 is already going too far
> Not when it comes to patents. I corresponded with Linus today and his
> fears of SFLC and TiVoization are still the main barriers to him.

I can think for myself, and don't need to "adopt" the stance of someone 
What has *my* opinion to do with the one you interpret into Linus 
Torvalds? My opinion is that GPL3 was the worst which happened to Free 
Software the last years. It is plain stupid
99% of lawyers give the rest a bad name.

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