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Re: What about the GPL License of Linux?

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____/ Peter Köhlmann on Friday 17 April 2009 21:25 : \____

> Phil Da Lick! wrote:
>> Sinister Midget wrote:
>>> On 2009-04-17, Erik Jan <Erik@xxxxxxxxx> claimed:
>>>> On: microsoft.public.windows.vista.general
>>>> I found the following post.
>>>> -------- Originele bericht --------
>>>> Onderwerp: Re: Vista advantages - More to explain
>>>> Datum: Wed, 15 Apr 2009 14:15:30 -0400
>>>> Van: RingBuster <Ring@xxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> Nieuwsgroepen: microsoft.public.windows.vista.general
>>>> Referenties: <e7edVPQvJHA.528@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> <OjqVOLavJHA.1212@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> <snip>
>>>> 3) Vista is using reversed engineered Linux and FreeBSD code in the
>>>> O/S kernel to better protect itself, such as ASLR and many other
>>>> things to better protect the O/S.
>>> It's about time they did something. Too bad they're trying to put good
>>> code on top of a mound of shit.
>>>> Why should MS reverse engineer code if the source is freely
>>>> aavailable? And if it is general knowledge that MS uses Linux code,
>>>> why is it that the GPL license is not urged against MS?
>>>> Or is it not true?
>>> If it's reverse-engineered and not the original code, I don't see a
>>> problem with it. Using GPLed code directly wouldn't allow them to close
>>> the source. This way they can get away with it. But they'd have to
>>> alter a few things or it might be a problem.
>>> I smell a GPL V4 to prevent it. That would make the move even more
>>> controversial than going to GPL V3 was.
>> Getting that GPL4 adopted would be difficult.
> It would be next to impossible.
> GPL3 is already going too far

Not when it comes to patents. I corresponded with Linus today and his fears of
SFLC and TiVoization are still the main barriers to him.

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