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[News] [Rival] Microsoft Windows Gets Texas Pwn3d

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Virus hits DPS computer system

,----[ Quote ]
| The Texas Department of Public Safety continued repair efforts Thursday after 
| a virus hit one of its computer systems. 
| The DPS said the virus that hit Wednesday affected internal communications 
| and some external services such as the issuance of Texas drivers’ licenses. 



A letter to a Texas Senator

,----[ Quote ]
| My name is Ken Starks and I am one of the most active Free Software advocates
| in the United States. Senator, the state of Texas is paying tens of millions
| of dollars a year to Microsoft when they have a free, virus-free and stable
| alternative at their fingertips, literally. Sir, let me pose a question. Why
| does the state of Texas insist on purchasing a product that proves to be more
| expensive to maintain than it does to purchase? Anti-virus software, defrag
| and registry fixers, malware protection...why? Why are we paying for software
| that demands we purchase other software in order for it to work? That is a
| question that I would honestly like answered.
| I will tip my hat to the obvious influence of the powerful Microsoft Lobby.
| They have been there and gone, and their impact on State software purchases
| is obvious. I am curious to know if the dollar amounts we taxpayers spend on
| Microsoft software is available for public consumption. Again, Microsoft has
| lobbied you successfully. Entire nations, states and municipalities across
| the globe have switched to GNU/Linux and Free Software, yet the US remains
| the last bastion of Microsoft strength.

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