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[News] A Look at New KDE4 Launchers (Lancelot and Raptor)

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Lancelot and Raptor menu - the other way.

,----[ Quote ]
| Lancelot and Raptor are alternative menus intended for KDE 4. We are, 
| however, at the frosty point, and we should ask ourselves the most important 
| question here - which one to choose, and are they sufficiently mature and 
| functional at all to compete with the default menu? Let’s look at them 
| closely then to know the answer.    



You’ve got branched!

,----[ Quote ]
| While this is great news for 4.2, it is even better for 4.3. This means that
| the SVN trunk is now exiting the /feature freeze/ state. This is a great
| thing for developers because the development becomes fun again (squashing
| bugs can not be labeled as fun), great for PlanetKDE readers since you’ll get
| real news from now on, and great for feature junkies for obvious reasons.


Lancelot, and the Knights of the Plasma Widget

,----[ Quote ]
| As someone who is a stickler for usability and efficiency, this sort of
| project is really brilliant. The fact that there is competition between
| different menu systems is part of what gives open-source operating systems an
| edge over the commercial ones.


Lancelot reaches Holy Grail of KDE menu

,----[ Quote ]
| KDE 4 is barely eight months old, and already it has three options for a main
| menu. Until now, users have either used the default Kickoff, which makes for
| awkward navigation of the menu tree, or reverted to the familiar but unwieldy
| classic menu. Now, with the first full release of Lancelot, users have
| another option that overcomes the shortcomings of both other alternatives and
| gives KDE 4 a thoroughly modern menu.
| [...]
| These points aside, Lancelot is in many ways what Kickoff should have been.
| It makes Kickoff structures work without inhibiting navigation or adding
| unnecessary complexity. I would not be greatly surprised if, a few releases
| down the road, Lancelot becomes the default menu in the KDE 4 series.


Lancelot revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, not exactly, but now you can get the general idea, and you can see what
| it will look like
| This is an actual screenshot, not a mock up...



The KDE Raptor Menu - A quick overview

,----[ Quote ]
| Being a KDE lover myself, I'm always intrigued by some of the different
| features and software that come out for KDE.  The latest is the Raptor menu.
| It's certainly an interesting menu system and one that I think deserves
| closer attention.


Raptor - Improved menu system for KDE 4

,----[ Quote ]
| Raptor aims to deliver a new kind of launch menu system for KDE. It is
| designed with usability and beauty in mind.
| Raptor-Menu does not try to be the final answer to the menu question, instead
| aspires to be the best answer we can give, merging many ideas form modern
| desktop launch menus.


Raptor! join the fun.

,----[ Quote ]
| What is raptor? Raptor is a an amazing project i have been working in the 
| last few days. It trays to be a fresh new way of finding your desktop 
| applications, and interacting with its users.  

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