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[News] GNU/Linux-based Competition to Nintendo Wii Out This Month

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Envizions Announces Next Generation 3-D Online-User Open Source Community For
EVO Smart Console, Our Universe

,----[ Quote ]
| EVO is the first open source convergence system to combine PC, DVR, Gaming 
| Hub, Cloud, and Internet TV in an all-in-one device. Currently beta units are 
| been shipped to customers, partners, and distributors. The suggested retail 
| price for the system is $379.99, and 9 classic Linux games are available 
| April 29, 2009.     



Game on! Anniston's Own Gaming System is Trying to Take on the Big Boys

,----[ Quote ]
| The designers are touting the EVO as the first open-source console based on
| Linux software. Linux is an open-source operating system, meaning users can
| modify and improve the software's design. Other video game systems use their
| own proprietary operating systems, Envizions CEO Derrick Samuels said.
| They say they can take any game designed for Linux-based computers and make
| it run on the EVO.


Linux game console ready to ship

,----[ Quote ]
| Envizions announced that it is taking orders for an open-source Linux gaming
| system, and will start shipping beta units to game developers, resellers, and
| software partners on April 10. The EVO Smart Console is based on a 2.4GHz
| Athlon, and includes a Fedora-based Linux distro.


Linux Game "System of Tomorrow" Ships in Two Weeks

,----[ Quote ]
| The EVO Smart Console was originally scheduled for release on November 18th.
| It seems the FCC approval and testing process is taking longer than planned.
| Envizions expects the consoles to ship in the next two weeks. There are also
| two versions (in four configurations) available.


Linux Gaming Console Coming in November

,----[ Quote ]
| Envizions Computer Entertainment announced recently that the Linux-based EVO
| gaming console will be available for sale November 18.
| There have been dedicated gaming consoles that are able to run Linux, namely
| the PS3. In these cases, Linux made the console function more as a home
| computer than a gaming rig. The EVO system uses Linux to power the games.


EVO Smart Console: Playstation Competition?

,----[ Quote ]
| With its EVO Smart Console, Envizions Computer Entertainment Corporation out
| of Atlanta, Georgia, has brought a Linux-based console to market that should
| appeal to both gamers and multimedia fans alike.
| Now in prototype, it is initially targeted at enthusiasts, developers and
| early adopters. It is set to conquer the mass market by next year. The EVO
| Smart Console runs on the company’s Fedora 8 compatible Mirrors Evolution
| platform. The device should reach the market at about $250 through a refund
| system, with Windows for an additional $100. its hardware consists of a
| water-cooled 64-bit Athlon Quadcore 64x2 CPU running at 2.9 GHz and an ATI HD
| 3200 graphics card. The console supports HD standards 1080i and 1080p,
| includes 2 Gbytes RAM, and runs a 120-Gbyte hard drive. The box supports the
| H.264 VC1 and MPEG2 multimedia codecs and emits video signals as DVI and

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