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[News] More Possible Corruption Found in UK Copyright Debate

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UK dons dunce hat on copyright law

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| Copyright reform in the UK has 'stalled' as the Government has caved in to 
| the 'vested interests' of the content industry, the head of a digital rights 
| activist group has said. The view comes as the UK 'abjectly fails' a test of 
| its copyright laws.   
| The international umbrella body for consumer rights organisations, Consumers 
| International, has surveyed the copyright laws of 16 countries and has 
| concluded that the UK's is the worst for protecting users' rights.  


Shepard Fairey Counterfiles in Associated Press Obama Poster Conflict

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| Attorneys for the recently-legally-beleaguered artist Shepard Fairey have 
| filed a countersuit against the Associated Press over claims Fairey violated 
| intellectual property rights in creating the iconic Obama poster. Fairey and 
| his supporters argue that his work falls squarely within the boundaries of 
| transformation and fair use. PDFs of the counterclaim documents below, at the 
| bottom of this blog post.      



Germany deletes WikiLeaks.de domain after raid

,----[ Quote ]
| Acording to claims of German registration authority DENIC, the Wikileaks.de
| domain has been sent to DENIC by the Internet domain registrar, "Beasts
| Associated" and therefore is "In Transit". The registrar claims this had
| happened as a consequence of "contract breach" by the domain owner. WikiLeaks
| has open questions that cannot be answered at this point in time. It also
| remains unclear whether the "breach of contract" is related to content on the
| website or administrative issues. An update will be posted as soon as we have
| all information required to assess the situation.

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