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[News] Ubuntu/Canonical Adds GNU/Linux Server Emphasis

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PC, Server Makers Prepare for Canonical’s Ubuntu 9.04 Launch

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| First, the pure facts: Small Ubuntu proponents — such as PC maker System76 — 
| plan to begin offering Ubuntu 9.04 on systems starting April 23, with 
| shipments beginning the following week. But this is more than a PC push. 
| System76 will preload the new Ubuntu on servers, desktops, notebooks and 
| event a forthcoming netbook, according to System 76 President Carl Richell. 
| Oh, and by the way: System76’s revenues are growing fast thanks to its focus 
| on Ubuntu.      
| Meanwhile, Dell continues to test Ubuntu 9.04 on selected desktops, notebooks 
| and netbooks — though it will be a few months before Dell moves its Ubuntu 
| product lineup to the latest operating system release. In the meantime, 
| roughly 30 percent of the company’s netbooks are sold with Ubuntu 8.04 
| pre-installed, according to one Dell insider.    


Shuttleworth: Oracle a Litmus test for Linux, Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Shuttleworth added that he expect that Oracle will eventually certify on 
| Oracle, in his view it's just a matter of time as Ubuntu gains momentum. In 
| my opinion, while certainly Oracle has its own Linux now, they are also a 
| very customer focused organization.   
| So simply put, if enterprises want Oracle certified to run on Ubuntu, they 
| should start asking for it. 



Ubuntu 9.04 Server Edition: What to Expect

,----[ Quote ]
| Given that Jaunty is not a long-term support release, many server users are
| likely to opt instead for Ubuntu 8.04 (a.k.a ‘Hardy’) in production
| environments, since the latter receives security updates through 2013.  This
| means that the features new to Jaunty server edition will be limited largely
| to testbeds.  Nonetheless, those who opt to put Jaunty into production on
| their servers will benefit from incremental improvements and new features
| that, although not yet completely stable, offer cutting-edge functionality.


Canonical Announces Ubuntu Server Training Course

,----[ Quote ]
| The success of the Ubuntu Training Program, combined with the growing
| popularity of Ubuntu Server Edition, led Canonical to announce a new course
| that exclusively focuses on the server edition. Called "Deploying Ubuntu in
| the Enterprise Environment," the training program lasts five days and
| addresses intermediate-to-advanced enterprise system administrators working
| with Ubuntu desktops and servers.

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