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[News] More Free Content Management Software Debuts: Concrete, Hippo

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Concrete Releases Open-Source CMS to General Availability

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| Concrete CMS today announced the general availability of its easy-to-use open 
| source CMS product, Concrete5. The new release builds on Concrete's 
| foundation offering of a CMS that is as easy to configure as a blog, with the 
| flexibility of a full web development platform. Improvements in Concrete5 
| include an updated file manager, embedded Picnik image editor, new help 
| system and more. Concrete's main competitors in the CMS space are Drupal and 
| Joomla, but Silicon Florist says Concrete5 "crushes them in terms of 
| ease-of-use."       


Drupal and Joomla to Lose Market Share to concrete5 Web CMS?

,----[ Quote ]
| If you were to believe all the hype surrounding concrete5, an open source Web 
| content management system, then a remarkable new system has just gone on 
| General Availability (GA).  


Hippo Hips Up in the U.S. Market, Gets New Partner

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| With its open source CMS — Hippo CMS 7.0 — recently out of the door, Hippo 
| (news, site) has found a partner in the U.S. to help implement the revamped 
| product. CorraTech is an open source software services and consulting shop. 
| The two will work together to deliver web content management solutions to 
| mid-market and enterprise customers.    



Top 10 Open Source CMS Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| These days, much of the world of open source has turned squarely toward using
| open source content management systems (CMS) to better manage the needs of
| today's enterprise and small business. In this article, I will be examining
| some of the most compelling CMS-based solutions that do not involve Drupal or
| WordPress.

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