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[News] Better Free Software Reaches LAMP Servers, LAMP 'Clouds'

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A faster, sleeker way to do MySQL?

,----[ Quote ]
| The archetypal MySQL database chugs along in the server room of a Web 2.0 
| start-up, powering a small but promising Web site. In fact, a quarter of the 
| 12 million MySQL installations are data warehouses doing business 
| intelligence and analytics for companies.   


Large Data Set Analysis in the Cloud: Hadoop gets a boost

,----[ Quote ]
| Traditional business intelligence solutions can't scale to the degree 
| necessary in today's data environment. One solution getting a lot of 
| attention recently: Hadoop, an open-source product inspired by Google's 
| search architecture. Twenty years ago, most companies' data came from 
| fundamental transaction systems: Payroll, ERP, and so on.    


NEWS: Yahoo! To Advance Cloud Computing Research With Universities

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo!'s M45 cluster runs Hadoop, an open source distributed file system and 
| parallel execution environment that enables its users to process massive 
| amounts of data. Apache Hadoop is an open source project of the Apache 
| Software Foundation, to which Yahoo! engineers have been the primary 
| contributors to date.     



Cloudera CEO: Hadoop, Open Source and the Cloud

,----[ Quote ]
| But Cloudera has heavyweight backing. It has raised money from venture
| capital group Accel Partners (though admittedly only a tepid $5 million). And
| its array of additional investors reads like a list of tech glitterati,
| including Marten Mickos, former MySQL CEO, and Diane Green, former VMware
| CEO.


Cloudera floats commercial Hadoop distro

,----[ Quote ]
| The analogy with Linux is plain enough: They want something akin to the
| hardened and slow-changing Red Hat Enterprise Linux, not the Fedora
| development release.


Ex-Google, Yahoo Staffers Release Hadoop Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| That is why Cloudera has decided to release its distribution, which is
| available as an RPM bundle for systems running Red Hat Linux, as well as an
| image for Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).


Open Source Cloud Computing Made Easy


Cloudera Lands $5 Million in Series A Financing; Unveils Hadoop-centric

,----[ Quote ]
| Last October, Sam introduced us to Cloudera, a company founded by
| highly-decorated industry veterans hoping to bring Hadoop's data processing
| power to a variety of businesses. Though Cloudera came into existence just
| last summer, it has already closed a $5 million round of Series A funding led
| by Accel Partners.


Hadoop: Funny Name, Powerful Software

,----[ Quote ]
| Doug Cutting was a work-at-home dad plugging away at open source search code
| when he had a light-bulb moment that led him to create Hadoop, an open source
| adaptation of Google's MapReduce. Now, Yahoo is using Hadoop for all kinds of
| high-power computing functions.


Yahoo's Hadoop software transforming the way data is analyzed

,----[ Quote ]
| Cutting, a 44-year-old programmer who had helped build search engines at
| Apple and Excite, had started the search project in 2000 because he wanted
| his code to live on. He knew that closed-source projects, where software is
| treated as a corporate secret, had a way of dying. With open source, the code
| is published and other programmers can contribute suggestions and help fix
| bugs.

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