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[News] Videos Done with Free Software to Demonstrate Linux Multimedia Power

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The Digital Tipping Point: Free film made with free tools 

,----[ Quote ]
| Christian Einfeldt is producing a documentary movie called the Digital 
| Tipping Point about how free software is changing global culture. He is 
| releasing all of his footage under a free license, and is inviting 
| participants to grab the video and use it to tell stories about how free 
| software has changed their lives. He also wants the film to be produced using 
| only free software tools.     


Obscure Shadows: New Open Source Linux Viewer With Dynamic Lighting, Projected

,----[ Quote ]
| This eye-catching, remarkably vivid demo video shows off a Linux SL viewer 
| built by renowned coder Opensource Obscure, using the "render-pipeline" from 
| Linden Lab's code branch. It was so impressive, I got in touch with Obscure, 
| for more details.   



Blender 2.48: It isn't all about play

,----[ Quote ]
| Blender 2.48 is the latest version of the the open source Blender 3D suite to
| be released by the Blender Foundation. The suite is designed to allow users
| to model, render and animate 3D scenes. Blender also offers a game design
| mode and fuelled by the development of the Yo Frankie game, most of the
| changes in the present revision affect the game engine. Blender updates are
| often driven by particular projects; most of Blender 2.46's new features were
| also driven by the needs of the 3D short animation Big Buck Bunny.


Blender Game Engine Tech Demo

,----[ Quote ]
| For several months the Blender and Crystal Space projects have been working
| together to develop an open-source game they hope will be of a professional
| quality and deliver an industry standard 3D gaming experience. This game, now
| called Yo Frankie, was supposed to be released at the end of August, but that
| deadline wasn't met. However, released now is the first technology demo for
| the Blender Game Engine. This tech demo is playable and includes a small
| level from Yo Frankie, but to be released soon will be a more game-oriented
| demo that includes additional characteristics and game-play options.



Big Buck Bunny builds a better Blender

,----[ Quote ]
| Big Buck Bunny is the colorful product of the Peach open movie project: an
| animated short released online and on DVD. But in addition to the 'toon
| itself, Peach has produced an altogether different yield: improvements to the
| Blender 3-D modeling application. Like its predecessor Project Orange, Peach
| pushed the open source tool forward with the demands of a real-world media
| production, in a way that hobbyist usage cannot. Could other free software
| projects use the same model?


Second open source HD movie set to arrive on May 15

,----[ Quote ]
| On May 15, the Blender Foundation is releasing its latest open source
| project. Known as Project Peach, Big Buck Bunny is coming to DVD (available
| for preorder). Big Buck Bunny or Project Peach will come in two DVD versions,
| one version containing the "best DVD quality widescreen format" (both NTSC
| and PAL are available), while the second will feature an HD version of the
| movie using a regular dual-layer DVD disc (.avi and .mov formats).

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