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[News] GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks Can Beat $0 Windows

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Will Linux Overtake Windows XP in Netbooks?  

,----[ Quote ]
| With cost-cutting pressures expected to continue into the post-recessionary 
| phase, ABI Research predicts that Linux will benefit from the entry into the 
| market of lower-cost netbooks that run ARM-based processors.  
| The research firm also predicted that by 2012 Linux and "alternative 
| operating systems" (OSes) will overtake Microsoft's Windows XP in netbook  
| sales. Apart from low-end netbooks, ABI cited the arrival of mobile stacks 
| such as the Linux-based Android that are suited for these platforms as the 
| main reason.   



Ballmer: GNU/Linux Will Win on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| I think this is a very frank analysis of the problem for Microsoft: after
| all, who's going to pay extra money just to get the Windows logo on a
| netbook, when they can get the same features for less with free software...?


One Third of Dell Inspiron Mini 9s Sold Run Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell attributes part of the Linux growth to competitive pricing on the Ubuntu
| SKUs. “When you look at the sweet spot for this category it is price
| sensitivity, and Linux enabled us to offer a lower price entry point,” added
| Dell senior product manager John New.


Netbooks Open Linux Window at BETT

,----[ Quote ]
| On the same stand a large screen showed off the design appeal of the latest
| Ubuntu. This includes multiple windows rotating or rescaling. As this is
| better understood some Netbook users may return to Linux. Asustek Chairman
| Jonney Shih has predicted that about 60 percent of Eee PCs to be shipped in
| 2009 will have Windows XP.

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