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[News] Phones, Sub-notebooks and Other Units Run Google's Linux

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Netbooks, Google Android Look to Thrive Despite the Economy

,----[ Quote ]
| While netbooks are becoming more powerful—and are in the throes of evolution, 
| some say—ABI asserts that the more important changes have been at the lower 
| end of the market, and that to create more inexpensive devices, designers are 
| turning to Linux and the Google Android operating system.   
| Research firm Strategy Analytics expects to see the Android mobile operating 
| system take 12 percent of global smartphone shipment market share by 2012, as 
| well as show growth in other device segments, which is already in evidence 
| this year.   


Android army marches into living rooms

,----[ Quote ]
| Android, as just another Linux distribution, will be attractive to all sorts 
| of companies. That doesn't mean those devices will be accessing the Android 
| Marketplace, but it will serve to increase the number of experienced Android 
| developers.   



Android set-top box in the works

,----[ Quote ]
| Google's Android operating system is about to start showing up in a whole
| slew of consumer electronic devices other than cell phones, according to
| recent reports.
| The Web site Android Guys reported late last week that Motorola is building a
| TV set-top box for Japanese telephone and broadband service provider KDDI.
| The new device is expected to be ready in time for the Japan's largest
| electronics show, CEATEC, which will be held in October.


Assessing Android

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite being pressed by me, he wouldn't get into specifics (now, there's a
| surprise) about sales, saying only that they had exceeded expectations. But
| he did reveal that according to their market research, G1s were selling at
| 70-80% the rate of iPhones. Even allowing for margins of error and any
| tendency to talk up such numbers, this suggests a healthy uptake.


Android and the Big Bang at the Edge of the Web

,----[ Quote ]
| Android is coming. And with it comes the real big bang- the next generation
| WebKit document/application model.


Google to market Android netbooks, mobile TV?

,----[ Quote ]
| Rumors have been flying recently that Google is working on a netbook
| implementation of the Linux/Java Android mobile stack, and that it is
| collaborating with Asus to develop an Android-based prototype. Asus has been
| focusing mostly on Windows XP installs for its most recent Intel Atom-based
| Eee PC netbooks. However, its early models helped Linux capture around a
| quarter of the hot netbook market.


Android phone to hit Europe in spring

,----[ Quote ]
| Vodafone and HTC announced the latter's second-generation, all-touchscreen
| Android phone. Scheduled to ship to Vodafone customers in Europe this spring,
| the Android Magic offers HDSPA 3G connectivity, and a slimer profile than the
| G1, lacking the earlier HTC Android phone's slide-out keyboard.

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