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[News] 32-Core System Works with Linux SDK

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Linux-ready MIPS64 SoCs jump to 32 cores

,----[ Quote ]
| A Linux SDK and support from MontaVista and Wind River
| The Octeon II Software Development Kit (SDK) is an enhanced version of the 
| existing Octeon SDK, says Cavium. It includes a Linux SMP, GNU Toolchain, and 
| a "Simple Executive" for fast path applications. Other SDK features are said 
| to include performance tools, a simulator, examples, and APIs for hardware 
| acceleration Cavium also offers additional software toolkits and multi-core 
| software architecture and design consulting services.     
| Previously the Octeon SDKs have been based on SMP Linux 2.6 distributions 
| from MontaVista or Wind River. Today, both companies announced support for 
| the Octeon II family with their Carrier Grade Linux (CGL) 4.0-compliant 
| MontaVista Linux and Wind River Linux 3.0 distributions, respectively.   



MIPS-like 32-core SoC runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Tilera is shipping a 36-core version of its 64-core Tile64 SoC
| (system-on-chip). Aimed at graphics-intensive embedded applications and
| networking devices, the TilePro36 clocks from 600MHz to 900MHz, consumes 9-13
| Watts (typical), and runs Linux on each, some, or all cores.


Really Big Things

,----[ Quote ]
| Another significant failure point that rears its head with large clusters is
| job management. If the scheduler crashes, or has difficulties managing the
| number of jobs, then the cluster will not be able to run effectively. For
| instance, in our hypothetical 25,000 node cluster, there would be 200,000
| cores.

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