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[News] Windows Dumped for GNU/Linux to Improve Things

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SME Server: The Linux solution for growing businesses 

,----[ Quote ]
| Being a Linux operating system, one gets a lot of bang for their buck: A 
| couple of years ago, I replaced a Windows 2003 Small Business Server running 
| on a Pentium 4 that had a 1GB of RAM (RAM was expensive then, remember) with 
| an old Celeron 1.1 Ghz with 192 MB of RAM for an office of about 20 users. 
| The SME Server running on the old hardware outperformed the bigger server in 
| every way. It had a boot time under of under two minutes, versus almost 10 
| minutes. Stability, easy backups and immunity to viruses were just some of 
| the other benefits.       


10 Straight forward but proven ways to harden your LAMP servers.

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the years I have had to harden a great number of LAMP boxes, I have 
| found some methods work for better than others. I will now share with you all 
| my favorite 10 along with methods to implement them on Debian/Ubuntu.  



The Power of Perception

,----[ Quote ]
| A campaign featuring Jerry Seinfeld may well succeed in changing this and
| convincing consumers to run Vista. But will it change the perceptions of IT
| professionals in large organizations? I wouldn't bet against it. We all like
| to think we are rational agents, but in reality we are all still susceptible
| to advertising — even Microsoft's.
| Let's take a look at the Linux market. Linux has many things going for it,
| yet it makes up just 13.4 percent of total server revenue. (Don't forget,
| many servers run Linux but don't generate revenue for vendors.)

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