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[News] Patent Deform Bill Still a Farce for Corporocracy

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Patent Reform Bill Advances

,----[ Quote ]
| A group representing Silicon Valley giants such as Microsoft, Google, Apple, 
| and Cisco has also endorsed the measure. Similar patent reform legislation 
| (H.R. 1260) is awaiting action in the House.  


What about the small companies? Or the consumers? Who are these laws for


Sen. Hatch says U.S. patent bill will pass

,----[ Quote ]
| Senator Orrin Hatch, a leading proponent of a bill to overhaul the patent
| process, predicted it will pass and contain language making it more difficult
| to show misconduct in applying for patents.
| The Senate version of the patent reform bill does not currently include
| language making it harder to strip a patent holder of a patent if they erred
| in the application process, known as "inequitable conduct" in the patent
| world.


Report calls for restructuring patent office

,----[ Quote ]
| The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office needs to be overhauled if it is to come
| to grips with rising backlogs and a perception of declining patent quality,
| according to a report the U.S. Chamber of Commerce sent to President-elect
| Barack Obama. The report available online calls for sweeping changes in the
| leadership and structure of the patent office


The Economic Impact of Software Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| The UK's Patent Office – which now goes by the awful name of UK Intellectual
| Property Office, which means it's really the UK Intellectual Monopolies
| Office – is a curious beast. On the one hand, as its name suggests, it's tied
| into one of the biggest confidence tricks around, dressing up conceptual
| mutton as intellectual lamb. On the other, there are odd outbreaks of sanity
| that suggest someone in there understands some of the deeper issues
| concerning software patents.
| [...]
| It's not coincidence that Microsoft still maintains that GNU/Linux infringes
| on some 200 of its sacred software patents – and yet is strangely coy about
| naming them, since it doesn't want its bluff called.

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