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[News] Apple Annoys Opera by Poisoning Web Standards

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Apple patent claim threatens to block or delay W3C specification

,----[ Quote ]
| Early last month, it became clear that Apple might be causing trouble for the 
| W3C Widgets specification. They are unwilling to make patent 5,764,992 (W3C 
| information), which covers automatic software upates, royalty-free if the 
| Widgets Update specification is found to use anything covered by the patent. 
| This basically means a lot of additional work for the Working Group at the 
| W3C, and might slow down the process of finalizing the widgets specification.     


Widgets Updates Patent Advisory Group Charter

,----[ Quote ]
| This PAG is triggered by Section 7.1 (PAG Formation) of the Patent Policy, 
| which states that a PAG is triggered in the event “a patent has been 
| disclosed that may be essential, but is not available under W3C Royalty-Free 
| licensing requirements”. The specific patent is 5,764,992 (U.S.), held by 
| Apple, Inc. Apple Inc. has excluded all claims of patent 5,764,992 (U.S.)    


Apple threatens to block W3C widget standard


Apple refusing royalty-free license to widget patent

,----[ Quote ]
| It's a little hard to tell at the moment exactly what claims overlap between 
| Apple's patent and the proposed standard, and why Apple is choosing to exert 
| its right to contest the royalty-free licensing terms for those claims. An 
| Apple representative did not immediately return a call seeking comment.   


Apple also fought against Ogg.


Apple Patent Exclusion on Widgets 1.0: Updates


Apple Patent Claim Threatens To Block Or Delay W3C


Apple Computer's Statement on the Draft W3C Patent Policy


Microsoft: break up HTML 5  

,----[ Quote ]
| The ever-increasing intricacy of the World Wide Web is evidenced by the
| character and scope of the HTML 5 draft specification. Microsoft wants to
| hasten HTML 5’s arrival, but its proposed solution may not sit well with all
| parties.  
| In a recent interview, Internet Explorer platform architect Chris Wilson told
| SD Times that more progress could be made with teams working in parallel, and
| he recommended that portions of the HTML 5 specification be broken off and
| assigned to new workgroups.  

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