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Re: [News] Microsoft's Analyst/Journalist Corruption Called Out On

Micoshaft Appil asstroturfing fraudster pounding the sock Erik Funkenbusch
wrote on behalf of Half Wits from Micoshaft Appil Department of Marketing:

> On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 20:32:20 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>| The anti-Linux propaganda du jour, being dutifully parroted by "news"
>>| publications everywhere, is that Windows now owns 96% of the netbook
>>| market, and that Linux netbooks are returned four times more than
>>| windows netbooks. Both are untrue and have been debunked repeatedly. Yet
>>| they persist-- why?
> This is as much bullshit as the counter claims.
> Ok, so the NPD numbers are based on brick and mortar stores.  And
> Cononical claims that 30% of those "given the choice" choose ubuntu.
> There is no figure for online stores.  But even if we say that 30% of
> online netbook sales are Linux based, and we assume a 50% b&m/50% online
> sales rate, that still means Linux sales are 15% with Windows being 85%.
> This doesn't really help the cause.  And those numbers are generous.
> Online sales are likely far below 50% of the overall.

If only.

30% of all netbook sales globally is still Linux.
People don't want to pay for micoshaft products in the Far East
because Linux is faster on netbooks, and does more things at a fraction
of the price.

There are hardly any good spec Linux machines available for sale in the
West. They are gone within minutes and hours after they get on the shelf.
While the same spec machines with windummy OSen sat in their thousands
om the shelves without being sold for months at a time. In a fully
functioning market the Linux machines should be at least $30 cheaper. They
are not available displayed side by side - and this is illegal choice
reduction. When I buy a mobile phone for example, the choices are clearly
labelled side by side. Where is this choice gone with micoshaft products and
why? What is micoshaft afraid of that it needs to blow up un-representative
sales samples that amount to less than 20% of the channel sales in US
as being real. 

My guess is micoshaft is sinking fast.

It no longer has revenue from netbooks and it needs to print lies in order
to print money.

Make no mistake - the windummy netbooks are not selling. They are sat on
shelves in huge numbers gathering dust at the expense of retailers.

What retailers need to do is stop buying micoshaft stock and focus
on the well selling higher spec models sat side by side with windummy
OSen at the cheaper price. If micoshaft threaten with legal, then
report them to the competition commissioner in EU.
The punters love the comparison to talk up the issues and then
go buy it. Why should you as a retailer care which netbook they buy?
Most money made by retailers is made from selling embedded Linux
products like flat TVs, monitors, printers, ip webcams, digital
photoframes, routers, MP3, MP4, MP5 players, DVD recorders, DVD players etc.
The sales of appil + micoshaft products combined can't make that amount!
If retailers already make most of the money from Linux, then embrace it
fully and stock more Linux netbooks and products to make more money!

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