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[News] Review of Linux Mint Including KDE 4.2

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Linux Mint: Ubuntu plus stuff you probably want

,----[ Quote ]
| It will obviously take some time to explore Linux Minut, but after just a 
| couple of hours, I find it to be very promising. If you like Ubuntu, but you 
| want it a bit more refined and polished, and you are tired of having to 
| download and install a bunch of stuff yourself, Linux Mint could be just the 
| ticket for you.    


First Look: Linux Mint 6 KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux Mint is one of those distributions that have always been dear to me. 
| With truly dedicated developers and a strong, faithful community, Mint 
| reached, in only a few years, a very high level of popularity. Being based on 
| Ubuntu, Linux Mint complements it by providing an elegant look as well as a 
| full, out-of-the-box, multimedia experience. That said, seeing the Linux Mint 
| 6 KDE Edition announcement, I thought it would be a great opportunity to 
| check  on Mint's progress and, for once, try the KDE version.       



Linux Mint 6 KDE CE released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux Mint developers have announced the release of Linux Mint 6 KDE
| Community Edition (aka Felicia). Linux Mint is an Ubuntu-based distribution
| that aims to be user friendly and provide a more complete out-of-the-box
| experience by including support for DVD playback, Java, plug-ins and media
| codecs. The release is based on Kubuntu 8.10 (aka Intrepid Ibex) and includes
| the 2.6.27 Linux kernel, X.org 7.4 and KDE 4.2. Linux Mint currently ranks as
| number three on the Distrowatch popularity rankings, just behind Ubuntu and
| openSUSE.


Linux Mint 6 “Felicia” Fluxbox CE released!

,----[ Quote ]
| The team is proud to announce the release of Linux Mint 6 Fluxbox Community
| Edition. Linux Mint Fluxbox Community Edition is based on Xubuntu 8.10
| Intrepid, Linux 2.6.27, Fluxbox 1.0.0 and Xorg 7.4. Included is an all-new
| menu system, Mint-FM2, Slim as a display manager, Live CD features that
| should make it easier to install on low-end machines, a brand new “Software
| Manager”, FTP support in mintUpload, proxy support and history of updates in
| mintUpdate, mint4win (a Linux Mint installer for Microsoft Windows), and much
| more minty goodness. For a complete list of new features read: What’s new in
| Felicia Fluxbox CE?


Back to the Future

,----[ Quote ]
| Yeah. That's Linux, specifically Linux Mint 5 (Elyssa) based on Ubuntu 8.04.
| Running from the Mint 5 Live CD. After reading about the troubles another
| user had with Mint 6 and his move from Mint 6 back to Mint 5, I decided to
| download the Mint 5 ISO and boot europa with it.
| And it's amazing. Everything. Just. Bloody. Works. Everything.

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