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Re: [News] Linux Mint 5 Works Perfectly

After takin' a swig o' grog, Richard Rasker belched out
  this bit o' wisdom:

> Hadron wrote:
>> Wireless and webcam not working. Uh huh. And how do people download when
>> their wireless doesn't work? Do you have ANY idea how impossible NDIS is
>> to setup for most average users who think they want a netbook for Email
>> and Web and are therefore almost certainly casual technically ignorant
>> users?
>> . . .
>> Compile a web cam driver? Say what? Do netbooks allow you to 
>> download the full developer toolchain to do so? Probably, but will most
>> users know how to?
> Most users don't need to, because in most cases, Linux "simply works". And
> in those few percent of cases when one thing or the other doesn't work,
> they can (and will) ask someone like me to help them out, just like they do
> in the Wintendo world.
> Not to mention the fact that compiling a driver consists of nothing more
> than typing ./configure, make and make install in a terminal window, as
> explained in a README file. Sheesh, even a six-year-old can do this.
> Your pretence of cluelessness about how the real world works is masterly,
> that I grant you.

Hadron, picking up that old baton from the other trolls, and running with
it, pretends to confuse self-installation of operating systems with
preinstalled operating systems.

He should be noting that the same dichotomy exists in the Windows world.
But that would cast an aspersion on his precious Microsoft.

He really is quite transparent, as chrisv has noted.

Time to be aggressive.  Go after a tattooed Virgo.

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