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Re: [News] Linux Mint 5 Works Perfectly

Hadron wrote:

> Richard Rasker <spamtrap@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>> DFS wrote:

>>> Just recently some cola bozo was telling me only the "trolls" claim
>>> "Linux just works".
>> You might want to lear to distinguish between one personal experience (as
>> the one above) and overgeneralized statements (the Wintrolls' favourite).
>> Most of the Linux installations I perform "just work" too -- completely.
>> In a few percent of installations (mostly laptops) I encounter mild
>> problems, such as wireless not working out-of-the-box and requiring
>> ndiswrapper with Windows drivers; and oh, my own EeePC 1000H has a webcam
>> that doesn't work. Apparently, I can download and compile working
>> drivers, but I've been too lazy to spend even those five minutes or so on
>> a webcam I'm not likely to ever use.
>> But just to annoy you: "Linux is perfect! Everything simply works!
>> Always! (quite unlike Windows)"

> Wireless and webcam not working. Uh huh. And how do people download when
> their wireless doesn't work? Do you have ANY idea how impossible NDIS is
> to setup for most average users who think they want a netbook for Email
> and Web and are therefore almost certainly casual technically ignorant
> users?

Yup: fire up the Configuration tool, click Networking, click Wireless, check
the "Use ndiswrapper with Windows drivers" option, and insert the CD
containing the Windows drivers when asked for the .INF file. 
This isn't any more complicated than the selecting the correct access point
and entering a WPA key.

Besides, technically ignorant users don't install an OS or a network
interface. They buy a preinstalled machine, or ask other people to install
it. And if they /do/ install an OS from scratch, Linux is far easier to
install than Windows.

> Compile a web cam driver? Say what? Do netbooks allow you to 
> download the full developer toolchain to do so? Probably, but will most
> users know how to?

Most users don't need to, because in most cases, Linux "simply works". And
in those few percent of cases when one thing or the other doesn't work,
they can (and will) ask someone like me to help them out, just like they do
in the Wintendo world.
Not to mention the fact that compiling a driver consists of nothing more
than typing ./configure, make and make install in a terminal window, as
explained in a README file. Sheesh, even a six-year-old can do this.

Your pretence of cluelessness about how the real world works is masterly,
that I grant you.

Richard Rasker

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