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[News] Development News from K Desktop Environment and GNOME

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Some not so wobbly news from wobblyland

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been some work going on to improve the tabbox (alt+tab) when no 
| effect is used. Andreas Pakulat added an outline for the currently selected 
| window like it was in KDE 3 time. Very nice and usefuel - thanks a lot. The 
| tabbox has received some face lifting and uses the Plasma style. On that part 
| I want to thank Nuno for his great help on making the whole thing nice. 
| Adding some pixels here and there - I could not have done it.     


What would you say about the State of GNOME?

,----[ Quote ]
| So, here's what I think I will say about the State of GNOME talk the 
| Collaboration Summit this week. Feel free to add points in the comments or 
| point me to more info. (If you are going to be at the Collaboration Summit 
| and would like to help give this presentation as a member of GNOME or help 
| with QA, let me know!)    



KDE 4.2 brings the MySQL server to the desktop

,----[ Quote ]
| If you’re using Fedora 10, and are a KDE desktop user, you’ll notice that
| your latest KDE 4.2 update, requires having a local MySQL server installed.
| This is due to Akonadi, part of the KDE PIM packages, that now rely on MySQL
| as a default server, for storing PIM data. Just a few months ago, I mentioned
| the news that Amarok 2 will also use MySQL as a default database.



Shuttleworth has some nice words for KDE

,----[ Quote ]
| Is Mr Ubuntu, Mark Shuttleworth, slowly warming towards KDE? Or is the man
| merely trying to keep the KDE folk onside, after a whole host of "technical
| writers" have attacked the new release of that desktop environment?
| [...]
| Given the amount of flak that the recent KDE release - 4.0 - has taken from
| the pro-GNOME pundits at sites like linux.com, you would think that the worst
| possible thing any supporter of GNOME - as Shuttleworth is perceived to be -
| could do is to speak out in support of anything associated with KDE.
| But you would be wrong. Shuttleworth is now floating the idea that there can
| be a QT-based GNOME.

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