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[News] Introduction to ManiaDrive for GNU/Linux

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ManiaDrive - an arcade car game for Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| Today I will show you a nice game for Ubuntu, it's called ManiaDrive and it's 
| based on the great game of Nadeo Studio. Let me tell you in a few words what 
| the game is about...  


I've just installed it. Works well.


Cedega 7.1.1 Released With New Game Support

,----[ Quote ]
| For those that have faced issues with WINE or CodeWeaver's CrossOver Games,
| perhaps you may want to try out the latest release of Cedega. Transgaming has
| just released Cedega 7.1.1, which is the first point release since Cedega 7.1
| was released a month ago.


Nexuiz 2.5 Raises The Bar For Open-Source Gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly a year ago Nexuiz 2.4 was released and it offered impressive graphics
| along with a new menu design, improved networking performance, reduced memory
| usage, and many other enhancements to this open-source game. The developers
| behind this first person shooter have now outdone themselves again with the
| release of Nexuiz 2.5. This latest release of Nexuiz brings even better
| graphics capabilities along with a new HUD, network communication
| improvements that cut the bandwidth in half, smarter bots, even better
| graphics, and several new maps. In total more than 3,000 changes make up
| Nexuiz 2.5!


Open-source Flash Game Engine Now In Open Beta

,----[ Quote ]
| When it comes to gaming, the most popular platform isn’t the Nintendo Wii,
| but Flash, the interactive browser plugin that now boasts 99 percent market
| penetration on nearly a billion PCs. (Flash game advertising network Mochi
| Media currently counts 100 million players across its system alone.) That
| huge audience has led to a lot of games, but most of them are rudimentary at
| best, the product of amateur enthusiasts working with limited resources.
| That’s why I was excited to hear about PushButton, a Flash game engine from a
| team of seasoned game developers that’s free, open source, and associated
| with an innovative revenue model that should help spur its adoption.

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