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Re: [News] Sub-notebooks Comparisons (GNU/Linux Only)

Sinister Midget wrote:
On 2009-03-31, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> claimed:

| Many netbook buyers won’t go for it, because they want the cheapest option
| possible, said John DiFucci, the JPMorgan Chase & Co. analyst who asked the
| question that prompted Ballmer’s comment. That means investors shouldn’t
| expect Microsoft to make much more money on netbook software, the New
| York-based analyst said in a note to clients. Microsoft hasn’t released
| specific prices for the different versions of Windows 7.
| “I don’t know that there’s much room to charge more than what’s been charged
| currently,” said Michael Cherry, an analyst at Directions on Microsoft in
| Kirkland, Washington. “I’m pessimistic about this.”


What they oughta do is put Me III Vista 7 beta on the netbooks, charge
to "downgrade" to Vista ME II, then charge to "downgrade" to XP. That
would be 3 sales on one netbook.

It worked once already with laptops and desktops. Why not extend a
winning idea?

From the article...

Limited Features

To push customers to pricier versions of Windows 7, Microsoft is limiting the features of the cheaper edition. The most basic, called Starter Edition, can only run three programs at a time.

Microsoft will make it easy for consumers to quickly upgrade to more advanced versions, as all the required software will already be installed on the machine and it just takes a few minutes to switch from one version to the next, said Parri Munsell, a director at Microsoft’s Windows business.

“If you look at Starter Edition, I really don’t think Microsoft wants to sell that at all -- it’s pretty crippled,” said Michael Silver, an analyst at Stamford, Connecticut-based Gartner Inc. “It’s really there just so they can say they have a really low-priced offering.”

Yeah, this is going to work out really well. When Microsoft has even their sycophants at Gartner shaking their heads, you know they're really headed down Bone Head Alley.

And this is just for the current "netbooks" (now small laptops). It doesn't even take into account what happens when the ARM netbooks start taking the market.

"There's a story there...somewhere"

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