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[News] More of the ACTA Abuse Revealed; Biden & OBAMA Put the MAFIAA in Charge

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Canadian ACTA Consultation Report Revealed

,----[ Quote ]
| In an earlier post, I noted that the Department of Foreign Affairs will be 
| holding a consultation meeting on ACTA next week.  DFAIT first consulted on 
| ACTA in the spring of 2008.  While I discussed some of the findings based on 
| documents obtained under the Access to Information Act, I did not previously 
| have access to the entire draft report.  I do now (through ATIP) - it is 
| posted below for research and news reporting purposes.      


Consumer Interest Groups Ask Obama To Stop Appointing RIAA Lawyers

,----[ Quote ]
| With the Obama administration appointing a whole bunch of copyright 
| maximalists to various positions (despite an early indication that perhaps he 
| recognized issues with copyright law), a bunch of public interest and 
| consumer interest groups have gotten together to write a letter to Obama, 
| asking him to recognize that he seems to be filling every open slot with a 
| very heavily biased viewpoint which could do significant harm towards 
| innovation. Some of the letter may be inspired by the rumored candidates for 
| the IP Czar position -- all of whom also fall into the copyright maximalist 
| camp. Though, the fact that it's taken Obama so long to appoint this position 
| (upsetting the Senators who wrote the law requiring the position in the first 
| place) suggests (at the very least) he isn't considering this to be a 
| priority.            



ACTA Stakeholders' Consultation Meeting

,----[ Quote ]
| Directorate General for Trade of the European Commission is organising a
| meeting to inform and consult interested parties about the negotiation of a
| plurilateral Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA).
| The goal of ACTA is to provide an improved framework for countries committed
| to intellectual property protection, in view of effectively addressing the
| challenges of IPR infringement today.

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