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[News] Debian GNU/Linux Installs Better Than Windows in Tests

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Debian 5: Lenny

,----[ Quote ]
| The installation was smooth. In the same server when we installed Windows 
| server 2003 it could not detect the RAID driver and hence it didn't detect 
| the HDD as well.  
| Bottomline: Considering its features and support architecture, it is well 
| suited for work stations and servers. 



Debian Lenny Now Available and Fully Supported by QNAP Turbo NAS Series

,----[ Quote ]
| Debian Linux on the QNAP NAS can serve as a great alternative to the default
| firmware provided by QNAP. Debian can be easily installed and thousands of
| popular software packages will be instantly available on the energy-saving
| yet powerful 500MHz ARM SoC-based QNAP NAS.


German schools pilot remote virtual Debian/KDE desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| An educational software organization in Germany is pilot testing an
| educational software system based on virtualized Debian/KDE desktops.
| Kreisbildstelle Stade's "Desque" system serves up virtualized desktops
| over "standard" broadband connections, letting students and teachers access
| their desktops from home or school, the organization says.


Kurt Roeckx is the new Debian Secretary

,----[ Quote ]
| Steve McIntyre, the leader of the Debian Project, has appointed Kurt Roeckx
| as the new Debian secretary. The decision was made in close cooperation with
| Bdale Garbee, the current acting secretary. Neal McGovern was confirmed as an
| assistant, "due to his recent experience as assistant to the previous
| secretary."


Debian 5.0 Continues Strong Linux Tradition

,----[ Quote ]
| Version 5 of the Debian GNU/Linux open-source operating system offers the
| same top management tools and processor support that previous versions of the
| Linux operating system have. There also are a host of updates to open-source
| components, and the Linux distribution is still a great fit for servers and a
| solid desktop choice. However, the top reason for upgrading from version 4
| may be the relatively short three-year security fix window, less than the
| coverage time offered with Ubuntu and Red Hat Enterprise Linux-derived
| CentOS.


Debian Lenny: Returning Home to the Mothership

,----[ Quote ]
| Lenny looks and works just fine on my system, and it is noticeably peppier.
| Maybe that's from using the nv driver; whatever it is, screen redraws and
| moving windows do not have the lag that Kubuntu and Ubuntu do, and scrolling
| Web pages is smoother and faster.


Lenny lights up an old laptop

,----[ Quote ]
| With the Debian Linux project officially designating “Lenny” as its
| new “stable” distribution, I decided to install it on an old Thinkpad to see
| how well it performs on a low-end machine. Without doubt, the results
| surpassed my wildest expectations!


Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 codename Lenny

,----[ Quote ]
| Long-awaited “Lenny” has finally been out! After 22 months of development,
| Debian development team announced the official release of Debian GNU/Linux
| 5.0 on 14th of February as planned (well, at least in American Samoa, which
| happens to be located in UTC-11.) and the very same day I installed and
| tested it on my laptop.


Debian Lenny Mini Review

,----[ Quote ]
| Having always been a Debian person at heart, I eagerly awaited the latest
| Debian version to hit the mirrors. When Lenny was released, I downloaded the
| DVD ISO through torrent and installed it.

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