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[News] Text Editing Applications for GNU/Linux and Closer Look at Kate

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Getting Started With the Kate Text Editor: Kate For Coders

,----[ Quote ]
| In the last two articles (part 1, part 2), I looked at getting started with 
| Kate, and then at some of the more advanced features and configuration 
| options. This final article covers features that you may find useful if you 
| regularly write code or markup.   


14 Most Popular Text Editors for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Kate
| Kate is the default text editor in KDE, and also one of the most powerful and 
| feature-rich text editors available for Linux. It can also be used 
| successfully as an IDE (integrated development environment) and supports, 
| among many others, spell-checking, highlighting for a huge amount of 
| programming languages, it has an integrated terminal (which inherits 
| Konsole's settings), encoding support. It supports sessions, plugins, 
| encodings, bookmarks and even the possibility to split the current document 
| horizontally or vertically. Kate is the complete text editor for any KDE 
| user.         



Getting Started With Kate, the Friendly yet Powerful Text Editor

,----[ Quote ]
| If you run KDE, you may already have encountered Kate, KDE's built-in
| graphical text editor. If not, it's well worth a look the next time you have
| text files to edit – whether those are code files, HTML files, config files,
| or just plain note files. There are stacks of useful features, including
| multi-document support (so you can have as many files open at the same time
| as you want, or the same file open in multiple windows), and session support
| (open sets of files together automatically).

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