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[News] Open Kernel Labs Hooks up with Linux

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ESC: OKL hypervisor runs Linux and RTOS on Motorola's QA4

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux and an RTOS are running side by side on a single ARM processor in a 
| retail phone, claims Chicago-based Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs). 
| The firm produces the 'virtualisation' software: code which controls access 
| to hardware resources, allowing both the RTOS and Linux to run separately as 
| though there were the only operating system on the processor. Such software 
| is also known as a hypervisor.   
| "Accomplished for the first time in a commercially available phone, OKL4's 
| mobile virtualisation solution enabled Linux and an RTOS to run side by side 
| on a single ARM processor, offering decreased bill-of-materials costs and 
| separation of general public licence and proprietary software code as 
| required by companies' intellectual property policies," said OK Labs.     


More Linux success:

Choosing a Linux for the Development of Intelligent Devices 

,----[ Quote ]
| A key presentation at this year's embedded systems developers’ event, the 
| Embedded Masterclass, will explore the use of the Linux operating system for 
| electronic systems and realtime computer systems. The event is to be held in 
| Cambridge and Bristol on the 7th and 12th May. www.embedded-masterclass.com   



Open Kernel Labs Expands Global Market Presence: Launches European HQ

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), a global provider of systems software and
| virtualization technology for mobile devices and other embedded systems,
| announces the opening of its European headquarters to meet the needs of the
| leading vendors in the global wireless industry. Building on the company's
| ongoing worldwide success and expansion, OK Labs is showing its commitment to
| the European market by providing local sales, services and support.



Open Kernel Labs Community Surpasses 1,000 Members

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Kernel Labs (OK Labs), a global provider of systems software and
| virtualization technology for embedded systems in mobile devices, today
| announced that the OKL4 Community, established in December of 2007, has
| surpassed 1,000 members. In just over six months, the OK Community has
| succeeded in attracting a worldwide base of developers from 145 countries.
| This community has played a key role in determining the future of the OKL4
| embedded hypervisor, virtualization capabilities and the development
| environment for mobile devices.


Microkernel vendor joins Linux, ARM ecosystems

,----[ Quote ]
| Virtualizing microkernel vendor Open Kernel Labs (OK) has joined the 
| partner ecosystems of ARM and MontaVista. 

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