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[News] Ardour 2.8 for GNU/Linux Released, Other Applications

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Ardour 2.8 released – Install with One Click on Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| A more than a month ago, Ardour project lose his major sponsor SAE (SAE 
| Institute originally the School of Audio Engineering) but we are happy to 
| announce that development is going strong and the 3.0 version will follow in 
| near feature. Development is now supported mainly by donations and everybody 
| is invited to donate to this very important and powerful, free open source 
| professional music software for Linux and MacOS.     


10 Must-Have Linux Applications 

,----[ Quote ]
| 9. Pidgin
| While I work hard not to spend my days in instant messenger, the fact remains 
| that I do conduct a fair amount of business in my favorite IM. And that IM of 
| choice is known as Pidgin.  
| Unlike other IM clients, Pidgin is cross platform, open source, and best of 
| all, highly extensible. Just look at the list of add-ons you can bring to the 
| party here!  
| What makes this a must-have application?
| Pidgin can provide protocol support to just about anything. Not just AIM, 
| MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo. No, Pidgin also can use add-ons to provide support for 
| Twitter updates and Facebook chat, amongst other new ways of communicating.  
| 10. KINO
| Not my only choice for handling the needs of video editing, but definitely 
| what I use to extract video off of my DV camera without using CLI and DVGrab. 
| KINO also is a great means for a fast edit without needing to bother with 
| more complex video editing programs. Visual effects are provided, and despite 
| it being a little strange to work with at first, the code is very stable to 
| use.   
| What makes this a must-have application?
| Simplicity and speed. I love alternatives like Cinelerra. But for most 
| people, this is too much. And unlike Kdenlive, which spends more time 
| crashing than working, KINO gives anyone the ability to edit video easily and 
| without worrying about their application crashing.    



Ardour 2.7 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The new version of Ardour – the most advanced digital audio workstation for
| Linux – was announced today.



SAE Institute of Technology Sponsors Ardour Open-Source DAW Project

,----[ Quote ]
| SAE Institute has agreed to become a corporate sponsor of Ardour,
| the open source digital audio workstation project.


Ardour 2.0 : A Brief Practical Introduction

,----[ Quote ]
| Ardour is a very popular Linux audio application. Ardour empowers
| a new generation of digital audio recordists. It rivals expensive
| and proprietary programs available only for specific hardware
| platforms, and it remains open-source and freely available
| software. Its expanding community of users and developers is
| lively and helpful, and many of the program's features have
| evolved from discussions and debates held on Ardour's mail-lists
| and IRC chat channels. Maintaining a project of Ardour's scope is
| no mean feat, and chief architect Paul Davis is justly respected
| as much for his team management prowess as for his coding skills.
| The project is an especially successful example of "distributed
| development with benevolent dictatorship", much like Linux itself.


2.0 released for OS X and Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Nearly 2 years of work have gone into this new version. Along the way a
| huge number of bugs were fixed, performance and workflow were improved,
| and many new features were added.

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