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Re: Novells Linux ambitions ..

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____/ Vincent on Saturday 28 February 2009 18:00 : \____

> On Sat, 28 Feb 2009 17:40:37 +0000, Doug Mentohl wrote:
>> It's emerged that paid Novell employees who were involved in the
>> OpenSuSE community are among those that are getting laid off by the
>> company ..
>> If Novell is genuine in its Linux ambitions, it will have cut the
>> marketing and liaison types first. This would make sense, given there
>> was a flowering of such roles at a range of tech companies looking for
>> love through engagement in the open-source community during the bubble
>> years. We've seen this at Microsoft, IBM, and CA in addition to Sun - to
>> name just a handful ...
>> http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/02/27/novell_opensuse_cuts/
> The Opensuse community should spend less time shilling and more time
> coding. Opensuse 11.1 is horrible compared to the 10.x versions. As a
> long time Suse user I've finally said goodbye to them and moved on. Not
> only has the quality dropped but I don't like the direction the company
> is moving toward. Associating with the Devil (Microsoft) is a sure fire
> way to get burned.

SUSE was very good before it was acquired by Novell (and even before the
Microsoft deal when it had _a lot_ of following). It could definitely be on
the desktop where Ubuntu is today. YaST2 is excellent.

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