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Re: More ARM Sub-notebooks Refrences Designs (Linux Only)

On Sat, 28 Feb 2009 10:27:15 -0800, unionpenny wrote:

> Desktop computers in the home and office is a fad.  Only a small
> fraction (like me) really want to, you know, _compute_ with the thing
> ... write programs.  The embedded market with application specific
> devices is creeping into the desktop and Microsoft doesn't have much to
> offer there.

I concur with the rest of your post but I partially disagree with the 
above. While it is true that Microsoft have missed the boat with embedded 
software, the desktop isn't going to disappear any time soon in favor of 
application specific devices. The biggest impediment is screen size and a 
dysfunctional keyboard. As for thin client or cloud computing I don't 
feel the public is ready for that quite yet. Between all of the security 
problems there is the psychological need to have control of one's data 
and applications and that means locally. To add to your other well 
thought out points, in my experience the number one reason people are 
hesitant to try Linux is a complete mis-perception of Linux. This usually 
stems from well meaning friends and relatives who are also mis-informed 
about Linux suddenly becoming experts. I've actually experienced people 
explaining to me how Linux is a text based system with no graphics! 

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