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[News] W3C Promotes Standards in Public

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MEDIA ADVISORY: Realizing Government Transparency and Openness Through Standard
Web Technologies

,----[ Quote ]
| The World Wide Web Consortium's eGovernment Interest Group will hold a 
| special stakeholder meeting hosted by the American Institute of Architects on 
| 12-13 March in Washington, DC to address the goals, benefits and limitations 
| of implementing electronic government. The two-day meeting provides a global 
| forum for IT and policy representatives from government and industry to 
| address the political, legal, financial, and social factors that impact the 
| successful implementation of open government initiatives. The goal of the 
| forum is to document progressive solutions for electronic government as well 
| as to develop a road map for developing Web standards to realize open and 
| interoperable solutions.          



New W3C HTML Working Group chaired by Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| However, I am very uncomfortable with a Microsoft representative
| being the chair of what is possibly the most important Working
| Group of the W3C, and definitely the most visible one.
| Like Daniel Glazman says in Future of the HTML WG, no employee
| of any major browser vendor should be allowed to chair this Working
| Group. In my personal opinion that is especially true for Microsoft,
| who time and time again has shown a total lack of respect for Web
| professionals and Web standards, and has no credibility whatsoever
| among the people who will be using the new HTML specification.

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