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[News] Journalists Attack Google, Open Web

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When Will Journalists Stop Treating Google As The Enemy?

,----[ Quote ]
| What Mr. Carroll is actually lamenting is the end of the monopoly era for 
| news sources. Citizens now have more sources of news, and advertisers now 
| have more platforms for reaching customers. As anyone who actually has a 
| degree in economics will tell you, more competition is a good thing.   


No, The Death Of Newspapers Does Not Mean An Age Of Corruption

,----[ Quote ]
| A few folks have sent in Paul Starr's long but thoughtful article in The New 
| Republic, which worries that, thanks to newspapers dying, we'll be entering a 
| new age of corruption, since no one will be watching government officials 
| like investigative reporters have in the past.    



WSJ followup: baseless, unsupported, and wrong, yet they're sticking by the

,----[ Quote ]
| The charge that Obama was shifting policy was, and is, completely baseless.
| The charge that I had "shifted" my position was, and is, completely
| unsupported (and false). And the charge that Google was violating network
| neutrality principles has been shown (concisely by David Isenberg, one of the
| originals in this debate) to be just wrong -- no one who understands
| what "network neutrality" (or what we used to call this before it was smartly
| marketed, "end-to-end") is could believe that edge caching services, living
| in a competitive market, could raise NN concerns.
| So they're sticking by a story that's baseless, unsupported and wrong. Sounds
| like we know where the Bushies have gone to work now that they've left the
| White House.


WSJ Accuses Google of Abandoning Net Neutrality: Reality Check

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wall Street Journal specifically attacks Google's OpenEdge project as a
| means by which Google can have its own content given bandwidth priority over
| other web sites. Before we go into a terrified panic that Google is
| abandoning Net neutrality for its own nefarious purposes, how about we look
| at what OpenEdge actually does.

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